Devlog #2 – First Gameplay Footage

Hello all!
We’ve been rebuilding the AI over the past week – a few deep set glitches would rear their heads in certain situations, so while fixing those we took the opportunity to rebuild the way we handle AI. We’ve now got the AI code set up in a fairly modular fashion – in adding additional functionality or behaviors, any additional code can easily be attached to our current framework. We’ve also set it up so that many of the behaviors can be almost entirely powered by animation – we’re in a position now where the AI core is fairly solid and (aside from a few tweaks) doesn’t need changing – we no longer run the risk of everything falling apart when we add to it.

Now that the AI is sorted out, we’re going to start posting a few gameplay videos – over the course of the week, we’ll be demonstrating different methods of approaching a single situation. The first trailer, and information surrounding it, on this site etc. covered the overall goals and gameplay. The footage in this series will be looking at a very narrow part of that whole – the base stealth side of the game.
Currently Pre-Alpha: Rough around the edges at the moment, especially in the animation.

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