Tangiers avant garde stealth horror game release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

The beta will go live on September 3rd for all the Kickstarter backers. And as a heads up, a limited number players can still get into the beta access by pre-ordering the game for £35 on developer Andalusian Games’ official site. If beta access is not your thing, you can reserve a copy of Tangiers for less at £15.

Tangiers was a success on Kickstarter back in August of 2013 when the games raised £42K with 2,072 backers. To refresh your memory, here is the synopsis:

“Tangiers is a horror tinged stealth game – like Thief, but in a world touched by the surreal and grotesque. A world Ballardian, Burroughsian and all manner of other similars.

Keep to the shadows and avoid conflict. Use strategy, guile & quick thinking to overcome problems. Explore open, sandbox environments as you travel through The City of Tangiers.
Or engage the world in less physical terms.
Use language as a weapon; stealing dialogue and using it to manipulate, mislead and control.

You play an outsider, an interloper that doesn’t belong in this world.
Your arrival has triggered events that are tearing at the fabric of reality – as you flit through existencean already off-kilter world folds in on itself.

Architecture gets stubborn and refuses to obey the laws of time and space. The civilians, they begin to envy architecture and follow suite. Concrete purgatory becomes hell. Tangiers is travelogue through a world aggressively redefining its state of being.”

Aside from the striking monochromatic visuals, Tangiers features procedurally-generated levels that adapt to accommodate your play-style. While items manifest as text bubbles made concrete, so you actually attack with words. The pen is mightier than the sword. teal dialogue from enemies and place it back into the world. Use it to solve situations, mislead, distract and control.


  • Tense Stealth Game-play
  • Sandbox, non linear approach to all situations.
  • Abstract approach to interactions – Eavesdrop conversations – watch the words materialise, then collect them, using them as distractions when needed.
  • World that constantly evolves in response to the player – unique with each play through.
  • Unique setting, building upon the works of 20th century avant garde – Marcel Duchamp, William Burroughs, J.G. Ballard, Throbbing Gristle amongst others.
  • Full length, dark ambient soundtrack.

Tangiers gameplay is expected to be something like Thief making out with Kentucky Route Zero, with a bit of Dear-Esther-On-Bath-Salts thrown into the mix. Coming loaded with open sandbox levels, immersive simulation gameplay, hide in shadows, keep from being seen.

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